Thinkers Lamb Meat Stick Dog Treats

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Sticks that do the trick

Thinkers Lamb are hearty, meat-packed sticks with added EPA and DHA to support healthy brain function.  Made with real New Zealand lamb as the 1st ingredient, these treats are made with limited ingredients, are naturally preserved, and contain no artificial flavors, corn, wheat, or soy.  Because of their large size, Thinkers offer substantial chewing satisfaction or can be broken into smaller pieces to create multiple treats.  And Plato takes the extra time to air-dry them in batches in their USA facility instead of baking them in order to avoid high temperature processing  (but your dog will just think that they smell and taste amazing). It takes longer, but they think its worth it.

Thinkers also come in Salmon, Chicken and Duck.

Available in 0.63oz singles and 6.5oz, 10oz and 18oz bags