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Elk Small Split

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NATURE’S GIFT FOR YOUR DOG – HAND CRAFTED Antler made into a perfect, eco–friendly, premium antler chew. Our Elk antlers are specially selected from grade A premium Wild Elk antler for a combination of weight, density and color. Each year wild Elk shed their antlers naturally, providing a perfect Eco- friendly, super-food dog chew. We then hand sort, inspect, cut and sand each individual piece to be placed in our resealable pouches.

SMALL SPLIT CHEWS are good for dogs up to 20 LBS, they are 4-5" in length and have an exposed center making for an easy and delicious chew. Elk antler is full of protein, calcium, magnesium and other important minerals and vitamins that your pup needs.

FINALLY A WAY TO CALM THE BEAST IN YOUR DOG – Does your dog ever get wound up and run around the house like a maniac? See the magic happen when you give your dog a Buck Bone, watch them settle down, come to a crashing halt, and take time to fully enjoy their new Elk Antler Chew!