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Boss Dog High Protein Dog Food Fish and Ancient Grain Recipe

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2 Million Probiotics Per Cup

Boss Dog® High Protein Dog Food in a Kibble format is a complete meal system infused with probiotics at levels that work! What do they mean by that? Well, you want added benefit for you dog food right? Well then rest assured that Boss Dog® has your back. They use the BC30 probiotic which is a probiotic strain that has been tested and is believed to deliver benefits such as immune system support and digestive system support!

Their High Protein Kibble is available in a Fish and Ancient Grain offering as well as a Chicken and Ancient Grain offering! Being ancient grain based also means that their kibble is higher in fiber to support digestion and also contains carbohydrates to give your dog energy! At this point you might be asking yourself why wouldn’t I choose Boss Dog High Protein Kibble for my dog?! Treat Your Pet, Like a Boss™ with Boss Dog® Brand!