Our Story - As told by Nala

Honest Pets

Hey friend! My name is Nala and this is the story of how Honest Pets came into being thanks to my pack leader Ezra. I was born in 2010, I guess I wasn't supposed to happen so me and my litter mates were dropped near central area in a box. Some awesome folks found us and took us the the JSPCA in Jerusalem, Israel.

Around the time I was brought there, a young guy who was recently honorably discharged from the Israeli Defense Forces was visiting the JSPCA weekly trying to find a dog to adopt after he had read about the success with service dogs and veterans and wanted to do the same with his situation. He and I were inseparable from the moment we met. As soon as I was eligible to be taken home he adopted me!

Over the next 2 years we spent the days exploring Israel and helping each other grow and get acclimated into society. He taught me commands, tricks, and manners. I taught him how to remain calm when nervous and how to ease through the tough situations that life threw at us.

As any good pet parent would do he bought me the BEST dog food, treats, and toys. The food & treats however didn't really agree with me and my stomach so Ezra started doing research and learned what was ok for me to eat and began cooking and only buying things that fell into the categories of appropriate for dogs. I had a very clean and natural diet. My treats were premium and with little to no additives. It was the best! (He even made me cookies)

Then something awesome happened! We came back to America. We moved to Venice, CA to live with his parents and so he could date his future wife. America had some pretty snazzy food and treats to offer and I got to taste them all!

Safe to say I had it good!

In 2015 Ezra got married to Shoshi and they started a family. I stayed with his parents. In 2017 Ezra & Shoshi had their first kiddo. We got along splendidly! Kids were so awesome they dropped all kinds of good stuff. The little one loved feeding me! In 2019 they had their second son. He was a bit more timid around me than his big bro but I was respectful. In 2020 the world changed. I could sense everyone's growing sense of uneasiness. A pandemic had broken out called COVID-19 and the world was shutting down.

Ezra lost his job in July so I got to see him a lot more which was awesome!

August 21st I didn't feel so good. I was sleeping a lot more than usual and I really didn't want to do much. On August 24th I went to the vet and she told us that my internal organs were failing I didn't have much more time. Ezra came and spent my last day with me. We looked at pictures and videos, cuddled, watched TV, and just chilled. Ezra made me a promise that he would do everything in his power to help other folks the same way he helped me.

On August 25th at 4 AM I took my last breaths in the arms of my best friend.

Ezra: On Sept. 1st I went into full swing creating HonestPets.co. I signed up some great brands and got them in love with our mission. On Sept. 11th while thinking about the events on that fateful day and the unity the country showed thereafter I made it a point to find 3 charities devoted to helping veterans like myself and service animals. I came up with a target goal of $10k to be raised by the end of 2021 to be disbursed to the organizations.

HonestPets goal is to provide the best and cleanest product for your pets. Every brand that is chosen goes through a rigorous vetting process to make sure it aligns with the HonestPets ideals and goals. We instituted a ongoing discount program for Military, Law Enforcement, Teachers, EMTs, and Government officials because they give so selflessly from themselves.

From our pack to yours we hope you & your pack enjoy our carefully curated items!

Nala this is for you, we miss you