Help A Handler Project

Being a veteran of a ally nation and experiencing first hand the pure awesomeness that is a working K9 I have done as much as I can to ensure that both Handlers and their K9 partners know how much we appreciate them. When trying to come up with a way to do so we created a Handler Package which we send out to handlers for FREE. What started as just some awesome treats has morphed into a pack that both the handler and their K9 counterpart can benefit from.

We have sent out about 60+ so far with our goal to get one into the hands of every handler out there.

The pack includes: 1 DoorJamm, 1 MicLoop, 1 MoBowl, 4 Thinker sticks, and a smattering of sample packs of treats.

If you would like to send one to a handler in your area all you can!
We are looking for other items that both the handler and K9 can benefit from so if you are a vendor or have some ideas please send them to

Let's take care of those who take care of us!

A special thank you to for helping us make this possible:

DoorJamm (@DoorJamm)
MicLoop (@TheMicLoop)
MoBowl (@MoBowlUSA)
Heal-iT (@heal_it_llc)