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As always everything that comes from the team at HonestPets.co is of the highest quality.

Joe G.

This is a great product that I can just throw in my pocket during a trail. Small enough to not be cumbersome yet big enough to hold enough water for my K9. Life saver for the K9’s as we come into the summer heat.

K9 Singe

Great for sharing with Furriends!

I like the limited ingredients in these treats! My pups and their furriends also liked them, they were drooling while waiting for their next treat!!

Kimberly H.

Rougaroux approved!

I couldn’t open the package without all the dogs and the cat gathering around for their piece. I loved that I could break it into small pieces for the smaller creatures. Thanks for the sample!

Laure M.

Good treats!

Smelled great and tasted good (yes we try the dog treats). Dogs loved them!

Robin L.